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Re: SquishDot

On Sun, 01 Aug 1999 07:04:36 -0700, Robert Hopcroft <hopcroft@uswest.net> wrote:
> I believe that the information
> disseminated needs to be collected and placed on the web site so that people can
> see it and act on it. I have started working on this but am seeing little interest
> in it. Since it is a lot of work, I have been reflecting on, "What is really
> important?" I believe this topic is one of the critical ones.
Bob, I've been waiting for you to tell me what you think needs to be placed on 
the website!  You don't need to quote anything, just review the archives and 
send me references to the relevant messages.  I or someone else will put them 
into a proper format and run them by you (and probably the whole list) and when 
no one complains greatly we'll link them to the website.

>> What is seul-edu really about?
> This is the right question. It is the seul-edu mission statement question. It is
> the first thing that should be done. Define what it is that one is trying to
> accomplish. I know we go round and round on it, but never get it done. It needs to
> be put on the seul-edu home page so that customers (visitors) can see it. Do we
> have anyone left to take care of the home page. If not, then the task is to find
> someone.
Again, give us something to work with!  Wil Langford and Fredrik Liljegren 
maintain the website.  Fredrik is occupied for a while, so I'll have to come up 
with alternative means of keeping the "News" section up to date, but the other 
pages are regularly updated.  I don't mention it generally because there's no 
real point in saying something like, "we've moved the stock market simulator 
project from the projects page to the todo page."  At any rate, Wil and I have 
been discussing culling bio info from the archives and posting in on a separate 
seul-edu people page.  I believe that was one of your suggestions.  We're also 
discussing Jan Hlavacek's idea of a separate page for languages.  We're not 
sure how to present such a page, as we're talking about both authoring tools 
and languages to be used in teaching programming.  Our current thoughts are 
moving toward having a feedback mechanism allowing vistors to rate entries on 
that page as to their utility in each role and tallying these ratings.

I wrote up a mission statement as a stalking horse, to give us something to 
talk about and to poke and prod into something acceptable.  I think you 
responded to that post and then nothing.  I'm quite willing to put such things 
on the website, but I'm not willing to make them up myself and put them up 
without substantial agreement from this group.  Until at least a few more weigh 
in with opinions yea or nay, it's a topic for further discussion.

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