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RE: Topologica port to Linux (was: A call to action)

> So the take is to find an interesting program and then
> discuss the terms of
> the port?  That's fine.  One question, though.  Since Topo
> never acquires the
> copyright of a program, would the porter to Linux hold any
> copyright to his or
> her work?

They would retain the copywrite to the code, but not to the design or
graphics except those they had produced themselves.

  And if so, could the porter choose to release the
> port under a GPL
> license?

Sorry, don't know what one of those is.

  That's likely where the major discussion will go on
> once both sides
> are confident in the feasibility and presumed quality of the
> proposed port.

Maybe you'd like to open it now, it sounds like there are issues here that
will need to be explored whether we end up with a Topo port or not.

> I doubt that any of these questions are unanswerable, but
> they would need to
> be agreed upon before any substantial work was done, I'd think.

Absolutely, but what /I'm/ trying to discover here is if there is /any/
programmer willing to consider this work. Once (if) we've had a 'yes, I'm
interested' response those discussions should then go on directly between
Topo and the potential programmer.

Maybe the more important question here is 'do Linux-based programming tools
yet have the power in terms of graphics and sound to produce software that
makes heavy use of those features?'