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Re: Ssoftware Page

On Tue, 03 Aug 1999 08:59:36 -0700, Robert Hopcroft <hopcroft@uswest.net> wrote:
> Bill, this is a great idea. 
>Is Wil aware of this post as he does not watch the seul-edu mailing list? 

I mailed him an copy after I made even more changes.

>My only suggestion is to try to order the topics in some way. 

Good idea, I was thinking some index at the top would also be useful then the educator/sysop could just jump to the section needed.

>Also, I don't believe I saw the administrative software mentioned 

Oops.  Can someone give me the webpage.  I don't see it anywhere on our website.  I hope it has a write up and a download section.

>I did notice a typo GIMP (GIMMP). Overall this is a big step forward.
> Bob