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Re: Mission Statement

Chris Hobbs wrote:
> My guess is that most of the folks involved in seul-edu are fans of Linux, and
> would like to see it used in as many places as possible. They (I won't speak of
> "we" yet, as I've only just found this list, though I feel like I'm on the same
> page as well) also obviously care about the education of children, and would
> like to see what they believe to be a superior OS used in that environment.
> They know the reality is that until the applications are available and easy
> enough for the average teacher and student to use, Linux is not an option in
> most schools.
> Anyway, hope my rambling wasn't too far off track,
I think that you've described us pretty well, Chris.  That is indeed our
take on things; Linux is superior to MS Windows and MacOS in many ways,
but is currently lacking in educational applications that will make it
viable in schools.  We intend to identify those missing apps and get
them developed for Linux, whether by promoting ports of existing
commercial software, encouraging modification of existing Linux programs
for educational purposes, or developing new programs to fill the needs.

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