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Re: Mission Statement

Marshal Anderson wrote:

> > "Seul-edu intends to make Linux the best computer operating system for
> > educational purposes.
> This is a great opening sentance. I think I would benefit from a discussion
> on the nature of OSs and their relationship with educational use. In other
> words, what is it about Linux that makes it good for education, and in what
> ways is it better for education (or can we make it better) than existing
> OSs?
> Marshal

Several points. As the price of the computer falls, the cost of most OSs is
becomming disproportionate. Among the free or open OSs only Linux has the
momentum and critical mass going for it. The others are lossing critical mass
and will probably disappear. SGI's move toward Linux will have a significant
effect. Why! Because SGI is at the top in graphics and supercomputer
capability. The addition of some of SGI's key software will make Linux a
mainframe OS. SGI's push into the research areas at Universities can only
further the development of Linux. Since Linux is GPL, all of this development
will be available down to the Linux embedded processor, set top box, computer
appliance, whatever. I believe it is the GPL license that has made Linux the
OS that it is. Nobody can take Linux add something to it and sell it without
giving the addition to everyone. This is what the GPL license is all about.
Linux is going to be The computer operating system and thus the operating
system for education.