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Re: Mission statement

Doug wrote:
> So, everyone who's commented so far liked my one-sentence mission
> What do you folks think of the "about seul-edu" paragraph?  Is that
aces too,
> or does it need work?

Doug, here's my concern. We are on the verge of the biggest advance in
computer technology and the biggest drop in prices that has ever
occurred. Intel and AMD are in a gladiatorial contest in which only one
may survive. AMD in ready to roll out their Athlon processor with IBM's
copper technology and Alpha's 200 MHz EV-6 FSB. It will start at 750 MHz
and ramp up to 1 GHz by the end of the year. It will run circles around
anything Intel has. In response Intel is bringing out everything they
have and slashing prices to bleed AMD to death before AMD slaughters
them. This is just the beginning. I believe the companies name is Alpha
Technologies INC. is bring out a sub $1000 computer with an alpha
processor. These companies are bringing out everything they've got at
the lowest possible price. At the same time the processor technology is
shrinking to .18 microns this year and .13 microns next year. The vast
empty real estate can be used to put all sorts of things on the chip. On
top of this all digital technologies are quickly converging. I believe
one needs to take a serious look at what's coming and be prepared for
it. It is a whole new ballgame. I believe one needs to make a statement
of the recognition of the change and that one is going to work toward
bring out the most advanced educational system based on our belief that
GPL and Linux will provide it.