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Re: Mission statement

On Tue, 3 Aug 1999, Robert Hopcroft wrote:

A few slight corrections from a hardware geek.

> Doug, here's my concern. We are on the verge of the biggest advance in
> computer technology and the biggest drop in prices that has ever
> occurred. Intel and AMD are in a gladiatorial contest in which only one
> may survive. AMD in ready to roll out their Athlon processor with IBM's
> copper technology and Alpha's 200 MHz EV-6 FSB.

Actualy the first Athlons are coming out of Fab25 (austin), using .25
aluminum process.  Fab 30 (dresden) is setup for copper (but not from IBM,
it's from motorola), and has produced some sample copper K6 chips.  Also
Fab 30 will be doing .18 micron chips shortly.  Expected yeilds should be
rather high (300 chips per 8" wafer, probably around 60-75% yields).

The 200MHz bus is not actualy a full FSB speed.  The EV6 protocal is point
to point.  For the first chipset/athlon combo it is running at 200MHz
between the cpu and chipset, and 100MHz between the SDRAM and the chipset.
Other direct links are 33MHz to the PCI bus, and 66MHz (with side band it
equials about 133) to the AGP port.
> It will start at 750 MHz > and ramp up to 1 GHz by the end of the year.

Actualy, it's being released Aug 9th, at 500,550, and 600MHz, it will be 
out at 750MHz by mid september.  1GHz should be available in september as
well, via kryotech.  Air cooled 1GHz will be VERY late 4th quarter or
early 1st quarter 2000.

> And It will run circles around
> anything Intel has. In response Intel is bringing out everything they
> have and slashing prices to bleed AMD to death before AMD slaughters
> them.

You are right about most of this.

>This is just the beginning. I believe the companies name is Alpha
> Technologies INC. is bring out a sub $1000 computer with an alpha
> processor.

The alpha will NOT be in a sub $1K computer until at least 4th
quarter 2000.  They are working on the base of the alpha, trying to
lower prices (ie athlon motherboards, etc).

The company you are thinking of is a division of samsung, Alpha
Processesors, Inc. (API).

> These companies are bringing out everything they've got at
> the lowest possible price. At the same time the processor technology is
> shrinking to .18 microns this year and .13 microns next year. The vast
> empty real estate can be used to put all sorts of things on the chip. On
> top of this all digital technologies are quickly converging. I believe
> one needs to take a serious look at what's coming and be prepared for
> it. It is a whole new ballgame. I believe one needs to make a statement
> of the recognition of the change and that one is going to work toward
> bring out the most advanced educational system based on our belief that
> GPL and Linux will provide it.

I am working very diligantly myself to get linux in schools (Ie the lab I
am working on right now at Corbett Elementary school,

By reducing the software cost per computer to below $25 you are able to
put in much better hardware.

Sofar are total costs have been a $300 site license of StarOffice.  We are
willing to spend more than that to get quality educational software,
though the lower the better.

> Bob