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Re: Promath

Finally back to Promath. First, Petr, I assume you got to Odile's
Promath site. Sorry for the multiple dots. I'm glad to hear that Promath
interests you. I view the two parts to be worked on as a content
delivery system and the content. First the content as that is what we
have talked about. Petr, let me point you to the archives where Odile
answered a number of my questions, see
http://www.seul.org/archives/seul/edu/Jul-1999/msg00391.html. Now to
your comments which I didn't address all that well. I follow your point
about confusing childern with the concept of zero. Unfortunately by not
getting childern to understand the meaning of zero, one ends up with
adults who do not understand it. For me this says we need to devise a
good way of presenting concepts. Anyway now let me ask Odile, "Have I
got the following right?" I'm the student and I have a browser,
Netscape, running on my computer. I enter the URL to todays quiz and it
appears on my screen. It involves some sort of question for which some
answer is required. I input my answer and what happens? I can see the
simple case where there are multiple choice answers linked to additional
URLs. However I believe you intend to have my computer process part of
the information. If so what else besides the browser needs to be running
on my computer? I see you said that "any browser will understand java
bytecode". I'm hopping back and forth between your last post and this
one. So that is a reason for building the web pages with Python. Perhaps
when you get some sample web pages, you will put them on a web site
where I can try them to get a feel on how they work. In the meantime I
need to find out something about Python. I just went to the Linux
Journal web site http://linuxjournal.com:82/cgi-bin/frames.pl/index.html
and clicked on search. I entered "Python" and got several references to
articles which I will read tomorrow. So anyway I will keep plugging away
at things.