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Re: Promath

Robert Hopcroft wrote:

> Finally back to Promath. First, Petr, I assume you got to Odile's
> Promath site. Sorry for the multiple dots. I'm glad to hear that Promath
> interests you. I view the two parts to be worked on as a content
> delivery system and the content. First the content as that is what we
> have talked about. Petr, let me point you to the archives where Odile
> answered a number of my questions, see
> http://www.seul.org/archives/seul/edu/Jul-1999/msg00391.html. Now to
> your comments which I didn't address all that well. I follow your point
> about confusing childern with the concept of zero. Unfortunately by not
> getting childern to understand the meaning of zero, one ends up with
> adults who do not understand it. For me this says we need to devise a
> good way of presenting concepts.

    I wanted to stress that I want the children to learn all the numbers
including Zero. Two of my children know it but it was the tenths digit
(and number) that they learned. This is quite soon, but still not the first

thing to learn.

    I mind the order, not subject. Of course children will learn 0, right
after they have learned 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,and 9.

   Another concept that is to be learned is the distinction between the
digit and number.

                                                    Petr Vicherek

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