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suggestion for needed work.

I am rightnow in the middle of building a linux based computer lab for a
K-5 elementary school (www.corbettschool.org).

I have found a resonable amount of software that is apropriate for 3,4,5,
but have found almost nothing for K,1,2.

We now have a typing tutor working (typist, I am unable to get xletters to
compile, has a problem with line 912 of xletters.c, I am not that great
with C and have not had time to look into it), StarOffice 5.1, and of
course netscape 4.6.  This is enought to satisfy the 3rd 4th and 5th
grades, but does not server K, 1, and 2nd very well.

I have pleanty of gnome and kde based games installed (school apropriate
ones, of course), so we are not lacking in that department.

We are running on slackware 4.0, with kernel 2.2.10-ac12, running KDE/Kwm
as the desktop environment.  /home is an NFS mount (16GB, about 2gb to be
used by staroffice installs (2mb or so per user)).  I also have the gnome
librarys installed so gnome applications can be compiles and used.

Any help with lower gradelevel software would be greatly apreacheated.