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Re: Mission statement

Robert Hopcroft wrote:
> Doug Loss wrote:
> > Give use some sentences for inclusion or modification and let's
> > see where we go.
> Doug, I sat down to write this and the more I thought about it, the more
> I felt there is a problem with the mission statement. I believe the
> latest mission statement is:
> "Seul-edu intends to make Linux the best computer operating system for
> educational purposes."
> I believe the intention is to spread the use of Linux for educational
> purposes because Linux is the best OS. Somehow the above sentence
> conjures up the idea that we are going to make Linux the best OS,
> whereas it already is.. I still like my mission statement which is:
> "Seul-edu is a volunteer project whose goal is spread the use of Linux
> throughout the educational field."
> The wording can be cleaned up, but I think this is closer to our
> mission. 

How about, "Seul-edu intends to make Linux widely used for educational
purposes."  I like a short, clear statement for a single sentence
description.  Saying "educational field" sounds to me like limiting our
purview to organized education, which is something I think we both agree
we don't want to do.  When I wrote the first sentence, I didn't read it
to mean that Linux wasn't up to snuff for use in education and needed
improvement, but I can see where it could be taken that way.

OK folks, we now have three sentences, two from me and one from Bob, to
bat around and work into a one sentence mission statement.  Let's hear
from some others!

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