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Re: Mission statement

Doug Loss wrote:

> Give use some sentences for inclusion or modification and let's
> see where we go.

Doug, I sat down to write this and the more I thought about it, the more
I felt there is a problem with the mission statement. I believe the
latest mission statement is:
"Seul-edu intends to make Linux the best computer operating system for
educational purposes."
I believe the intention is to spread the use of Linux for educational
purposes because Linux is the best OS. Somehow the above sentence
conjures up the idea that we are going to make Linux the best OS,
whereas it already is.. I still like my mission statement which is:
"Seul-edu is a volunteer project whose goal is spread the use of Linux
throughout the educational field."
The wording can be cleaned up, but I think this is closer to our
mission. Also I believe the Seul-edu mission statement should tie in
with the SEUL mission statement which currently is:
"SEUL is a volunteer project to help Linux become an operating system
that the average user can install and
operate easily. Currently SEUL is working on the non-technical aspects
of bringing Linux to end-users --
Linux in education, advocacy documents, managing and coordinating
communications between projects,
coordinating feedback from end-users, and hosting related development
I thought I would throw this out while I work on the rest.