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Re: FW: Topologica port to Linux (was: A call to action)

Marshal Anderson wrote:
> Thought I'd add this to the pile. It's from Brian Kerslake, owner of
> Topologika and may inform anyone who might be interested in coding.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Brian Kerslake [mailto:Brian@topolgka.demon.co.uk]
> Yes, clearly there are issues that need
> discussing. Problem is they'll change from program to program according
> to who owns what bit of the copyright. As you've emphasised, we
> generally don't take copyright, we split it: design, coding, artwork
> even. Its the only way in the sort of team game we play. I'd be
> reluctant to get heavily into discussing the issues until we have (a)
> someone interested in doing the coding, and (b) have isolated a product.
> Otherwise it would be a lot of hot air. Seems to me the group are in
> discussions with other companies too - which is fair and reasonable -
> but do we have the time to resolve these issues given that they may not
> choose to work with us?

So far as I know, we are not as a group in discussions with other
companies about ports, although I wouldn't mind it if we were.  I
understand Brian and Marshal's reluctance to get started in this
discussion without any even preliminary committment from someone to do
the coding.  So I'm throwing this out to the coders on this list: take a
look at Topologika's products and if you see one that interests you
enough that you'd like to take a turn at porting it, contact Marshal and
Brian privately.  Find out what the terms for that particular program
would be and if they're acceptable to you do the port.  This is in the
nature of an experiment for both sides, folks; let's not bring any
preconceived ideas into the discussion, but see how we can best work
together and benefit each other.

It may be instructive to look at Loki Software
<>.  They're entire business is porting
applications to Linux.  I'm sure that they must have something appealing
to the owners of the original programs, or companies like Activision
wouldn't agree to the port.

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