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FW: Topologica port to Linux (was: A call to action)

Thought I'd add this to the pile. It's from Brian Kerslake, owner of
Topologika and may inform anyone who might be interested in coding.


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From: Brian Kerslake [mailto:Brian@topolgka.demon.co.uk]
Sent: 04 August 1999 16:23
To: marshal@marshal.co.uk
Subject: Re: Topologica port to Linux (was: A call to action)

Hi, Marshal, Brian here. Thanks for copying to me the emails between
you, Doug and Ray. I thought it was maybe time I chipped in. It all seem
to hang around the paragraphs that I've pulled out:

In message <000301beddda$f5cb4120$964a95c1@desktop>, Marshal Anderson
<marshal@marshal.co.uk> writes
>Maybe you'd like to open it now, it sounds like there are issues here that
>will need to be explored whether we end up with a Topo port or not.

I think that was from Ray. Yes, clearly there are issues that need
discussing. Problem is they'll change from program to program according
to who owns what bit of the copyright. As you've emphasised, we
generally don't take copyright, we split it: design, coding, artwork
even. Its the only way in the sort of team game we play. I'd be
reluctant to get heavily into discussing the issues until we have (a)
someone interested in doing the coding, and (b) have isolated a product.
Otherwise it would be a lot of hot air. Seems to me the group are in
discussions with other companies too - which is fair and reasonable -
but do we have the time to resolve these issues given that they may not
choose to work with us?
>> I doubt that any of these questions are unanswerable, but
>> they would need to
>> be agreed upon before any substantial work was done, I'd think.

Dunno who wrote that, but of course it's Thing Linux needs at this point
is committment, nay, dedication, from someone. Topo might be happy to
blaze a trail but it needs a coder to feel that way to. Virgin
entrepeneurialism (!) demands that kind of risk-taking. If there's no-
one out there willing to take the risk then why should we?
>Absolutely, but what /I'm/ trying to discover here is if there is /any/
>programmer willing to consider this work. Once (if) we've had a 'yes, I'm
>interested' response those discussions should then go on directly between
>Topo and the potential programmer.
As above, yep, agree.

>Maybe the more important question here is 'do Linux-based programming tools
>yet have the power in terms of graphics and sound to produce software that
>makes heavy use of those features?'

Well I don't know the answer to that. Maybe Will does.

Fell free to copy this to Ray and Doug if you think it will help,
butI've no time to get involved myself at the mo'. Maybe there's an
article in all this for you?
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