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RE: OT: UK national curriculum

> >   I just heard that the UK national curriculum will be dropping all
> > references to Winston Churchill.  Is that true?

Well, that's the headline, but it's a bit more complex than that. The (very
old) idea i think is to focus on ordinary lives to which children relate
with more empathy. I don't the WC has been 'dropped', but maybe the emphasis
has changed.

This is actually not a change in the National Curriculum as there is a 5
year moratorium on changing it. Other ways they havent changed it recently
is to remove music (great for the publishers of MusicBox), devote 3/5 of teh
junior curric to Language and Maths in such a way that they even dictate the
seating arangements and a general increase in the level of testing so that
most 'education' is now about passing tests - but youknow all about this in
the US :) For these reasons you will often hear it refered to as the
Notional Curriculum :-/

Anyhoo, I think this is another potential rant which could go /way/ off
topic, so I'll leave it there :)

 If so,
> what are they
> > thinking?
They're not.