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Re: Linux Solution (was Ssoftware Page)

I'd be glad to help as well.  I'm doing something very similar at home for
my family (we homeschool).

Jim Wildman

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Trevor & Ellen wrote:

> Thanks for responding Bill.
> I am just trying to set up a computer network in a small contyr school.
> I want a computer in each class room ( 4 Rooms) ansd a suite of 5
> relocatable. Have figured this much . What I don't want is to be sening
> money down the gates Black Hole!! Would run win 98 on the machines to make
> use of popular software available here. But do not want to use NT. LINUX
> sounds good but have no experience with it and know nothing about whay
> software is available.
> Server to act as File server . intranet manager and manage internet access!!