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temporary sign-off

I'll be leaving for two weeks tomorrow morning.  I know I won't be able
to check my email for at least two days, and it's quite possible that I
won't be able to do so till I get back on the 21st.  So, be nice to each
other and solve all the world's problems while I'm gone, OK?  Bob, could
you continue the work on a mission statement, an "about seul-edu"
paragraph, and a manifesto?  And if anyone is in touch with Roman
(malonowa@wanadoo.fr), could you ask him where he's been and what he's
doing with the website redesign?

Doug Loss                 The difference between the right word and
Data Network Coordinator  the almost right word is the difference
Bloomsburg University     between lightning and a lightning bug.
dloss@bloomu.edu                Mark Twain