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RE: suggestion for needed work.

"I haven't had much experience with younger grades, but there
doesn't seem to be much expectation for particular results or
productivity -- those are relaxed years in a lot of ways.  They play
games, do some drawing, and that sort of thing."

That is (unfortunately) not true in the UK - or many other 1st world
nations. There is an obsession amongst governments with assessment (think
the US lead the way here :) and we find that it's very hard to sell
'creative play' type software. Teachers want to know what boxes they can
tick (i.e. which areas of the National Curriculum it covers) and how it will
improve scores in SATs.

" A lot of the accessibility options
are exactly what kids need too... sticky modifier keys, extra-long
double-click times, etc."

This is not our experience with 5 year olds and up. We produce packages for
RISC OS, Windows and Apple and always make use if the GUI behaviour of each
right from the start. The stuff u mention here /is/ relevant, however, to
the special needs sector.