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RE: suggestion for needed work.

> I could see a program that flashes pictures and speaks a word
> and then be
> prompted to spell it. The limitation is of course familiarity
> with a QWERT
> keyboard. In a lab setting, the picture comes up on the screen without
> sound, and the child spells it (with or without time restrictions). If
> he doesn't spell it right the first time, he is politly told it's not
> right and is prompted to spell it again. Man, what a trivial
> piece of code
> that would be :) I think we've got something here.

There are many examples of this sort of thing around - SuperSpell from
4mation is one. It wraps the process up in 4 activities including a
wordsearch and a sort of hangman thingy. It extends the concept by
presenting sentences (spoken from CDROM) to give the word context.

The real meat of a package like this is not the activity, it's the admin.
SS, for instance, provides 150 or so pre-set word lists linked to different
spelling rules, work groups and abilities. It also tracks and reports
results to the teacher and allows them to create and monitor their own

I think that's one of the more important aspects of modern edsoft - it
provides a wide range of configuration options (though I wonder how often
they are used) that allow an element of differentiation to be introduced,
and also makes the software usable over a wider ability range - i.e. if you
are going to pay $75 for a package you want to be able to use it with more
than on class.