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Re: suggestion for needed work.

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, Robert Hopcroft wrote:

> Michael, I can tell you how the local school system is using computers.
> However they don't use Linux. K4 uses a computer lab. Grade 5 and above use
> computers in the classrooms. The k4 lab that I saw was using older Apples with
> the normal Apple educational software.

The question I was trying to ask is what is normal educational software? I
am familiar with the likes of Oregon Trail, etc, but I'm not really sure
that is appropriate for K-2nd. I could be wrong, that's just what I sense. 

> In the program that I tried, one types
> in a word and the computer pronounces the word. I wonder how hard it would be
> to write a similar program. We almost have similar capability in gperiodic.

I could see a program that flashes pictures and speaks a word and then be
prompted to spell it. The limitation is of course familiarity with a QWERT
keyboard. In a lab setting, the picture comes up on the screen without
sound, and the child spells it (with or without time restrictions). If
he doesn't spell it right the first time, he is politly told it's not
right and is prompted to spell it again. Man, what a trivial piece of code
that would be :) I think we've got something here.

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