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Re: suggestion for needed work.

> Michael, I can tell you how the local school system is using computers.
> However they don't use Linux. K4 uses a computer lab. Grade 5 and above use
> computers in the classrooms. The k4 lab that I saw was using older Apples with
> the normal Apple educational software. In the program that I tried, one types
> in a word and the computer pronounces the word. I wonder how hard it would be
> to write a similar program. We almost have similar capability in gperiodic.

There's festival <http://www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/projects/festival/> and 
rsynth, both of which speak text.  I tried rsynth a year or so ago, 
and it did the regular computer-sounding speach we are all familiar 
with.  Festival is supposed to be better and is being actively 
developed, but I don't think it's quite open source.  But now the web 
page says it's free for unrestricted use as of June... another 

Looking more at the website, it even supports other languages than 
English (currently Welsh and Spanish).

I have a feeling setting up a simple interface to festival would be 
really easy.

Ian Bicking <bickiia@earlham.edu>