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Re: OpenClassroom - A GNU/Linux distribution for Education.

Has anyone else looked over this site yet? I spent some time looking around,
and it appears interesting. The group -- some sort of startup looking for
investers as well as volunteer coders and possibly some test sites -- has
developed prototype server and workstation packages for use by schools,
distance-learning programs, and related organizations.

The server package is built on top of RH 6 and includes pertty much what you
would expect in an eduation-oriented package (no criticism implied here -
it's simply that the people on seul-edu know the best of what's available
for Linux, and that's what they've picked, pretty much, so no surprises).

The client (workstation) package is less focused on Linux -- it includes
monkey linux (one of the small distributions that runs via loadlin from a
DOS directory) -- but also includes DR DOS (commercial, from Caldera) and
FreeDOS (Open Source, but doesn't quite exist yet, I believe). Most of
theclient apps -- arachne, a couple of GUIs, Pegasus for e-mail via POP3, a
few others -- are DOS programs.

The Web site itself is a bit rough ... understandable in that it is brand
new, and one of the volunteer openings they have posted is for a Webmaster.
Some of the apps they identify can be downloaded, via links they have to the
originating sites, but many have no links, and the promised documentation
files aren't downloadable yet.

In all, it has some promise. I'd encourage others to take a look and see
what you think. Getting this from the present concept stage to a real
working program would take some effort, but the resulting products could be
very attractive.

At 11:28 PM 8/5/99 +0000, you (jose.lacal@openclassroom.org) wrote [in part]:

>Therefore, I would like to request your support in our endeavor to bring a 
>simple-to-use Linux distribution to the Education market worldwide.

>The (http://www.openclassroom.org) OpenClassroom Initiative is developing a 
>Linux-based disribution focused on the educational market.
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