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Re: Forms

Thanks for the ideas -- however, we need teachers to be able
to take these forms home and work on them at their
convience.  These are student reports.  They may or may not
have access to the Internet.  We are only just now starting
to wire our campus.  So even expecting teachers to be able
to do this at school would be impractical.  

What would be ideal is something like a pdf form, but where
the teachers are allowed to save the data as a student
record.  PDF files work on nearly any platform and this is
important -- we have people using all sorts of computers.

We also want the teachers to take the file and read it,
spell check it, give it to the dept. chair and have this
person check it and then finally give it to the

This is for the summer school.

The winter program needs all of the above, but at the end of
all this then the data gets entered into a database.

It is possible to make some kind of document that would
follow our work patterns or am I just thinking wishfully?