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Re: Software Page & redesign


I always check the liscences enough to see whether or not I
have to pay. But to me it is not a big deal if the liscence
is GPL or whatever else.  In fact there are several
descriptions in the page that get way to specific for
teachers.  I think we need to be careful to make sure we are
making this information useful to teachers so that they will
use our web site.  I hope we consider this in the site

To Will:
I don't know what docwelder is.  I have Internet access so I
suppose I could learn the cvs thing.  Let me know how I can
help.  I think a cgi to add software would be very helpful.

PS.  I like the idea of separating the sections by color,
but I don't like all the colors I chose.   Maybe the best is
to alternate between 2 good looking color sets.