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Website and Mission Statement

In  http://www.seul.org/archives/seul/edu/Aug-1999/msg00091.html, Doug
> I'll be leaving for two weeks tomorrow morning.  I know I won't be
> to check my email for at least two days, and it's quite possible that
> won't be able to do so till I get back on the 21st.  So, be nice to
> other and solve all the world's problems while I'm gone, OK?  Bob,
> you continue the work on a mission statement, an "about seul-edu"
> paragraph, and a manifesto?

I've gone through everything on the mission statement etc. and have put
it together on http://cran.mit.edu/~hopcroft/mission.html. Doug's second
mission statement was in response to my suggestions on his first one and
I have changed mine in response to his suggestions. The real difference
between them is my feeling we should have a statement concerning the
nature of seul-edu. I have listed Doug's "About" and my comment
concerning future direction. I put Ian's orriginal post on the "Mission
Statement" http://www.seul.org/archives/seul/edu/Aug-1999/msg00016.html
in an initial "Discussion" section. I did not really see anything in the
following discussion to add to the material. Anyway this is how I see
the current state. Hopefully we can get it done by the time Doug returns
for his review.

>  And if anyone is in touch with Roman
> (malonowa@wanadoo.fr), could you ask him where he's been and what he's

> doing with the website redesign?

Roman, maybe what I could do to be helpful is to pull together all the
suggestions on website redesign that I can find in the archives.