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Re: Website and Mission Statement

Robert Hopcroft wrote:

> >  And if anyone is in touch with Roman
> > (malonowa@wanadoo.fr), could you ask him where he's been and what he's
> > doing with the website redesign?
> Roman, maybe what I could do to be helpful is to pull together all the
> suggestions on website redesign that I can find in the archives.

Good idea Bob. Could you give me a quick list of the HTML bits and bobs that
you've already done - I think that'd be interesting.

What are you using for the HTML stuff you do right now Bob? Perhaps we have
some tools and info. that can help you out.

There is already a glossary back end on cran. Thanks to Pete and Roger. It's
living in my home directory over there until I get a glitzy front end put on
to it.

Someone mentioned a while back that they have foreign language students who
could give some help with this glossary. Can't remember who, it's in the
archives somewhere.

Doug also gave a definition for FUD. It's info like this that's really

If you're going through the archives Bob can you just pull out anything you
think is relevant, however obscure and then we can make something of it all.

Keep up your sterling service Bob,

All the best,