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Re: Website and Mission Statement

Malonowa wrote:

> Good idea Bob. Could you give me a quick list of the HTML bits and bobs that
> you've already done - I think that'd be interesting.

It's not very much yet. It finally sunk in that if one puts file.html in the
public_html directory then all people have to do is go to
http://cran.mit.edu/~hopcroft in my case and they will see all of my HTML pages
and a simple click on the one they want will display it. I have vacillated
between putting stuff out as I find it and waiting until I have it all
together. In the former case, I'm concerned that people will start telling me
that I missed such and such just adding redundancy to the archives, whereas in
the latter case I'm concerned that I'm keeping people from making use of the
information that I currently have. I think the best thing would be is to put
out information as I find it and when I'm done with a given subject tell
everyone to go at it.

> What are you using for the HTML stuff you do right now Bob? Perhaps we have
> some tools and info. that can help you out.

It's very simple minded. I put mission.html at
http://cran.mit.edu/~hopcroft/html/mission so you can see it. I have found that
I can use the Netscape Composer to cut and paste from the archives. Afer saving
it as a file, I clean it up with vi. This has been working satisfactorily for
text, but I realize I will eventually need something better. I know a number of
things have been tossed around and I was planning on collecting them together.

> There is already a glossary back end on cran. Thanks to Pete and Roger. It's
> living in my home directory over there until I get a glitzy front end put on
> to it.
> Someone mentioned a while back that they have foreign language students who
> could give some help with this glossary. Can't remember who, it's in the
> archives somewhere.

I sort of remember it too. I will see if I can find it.

> Doug also gave a definition for FUD. It's info like this that's really
> needed.

Doug mentioned FUD in

> If you're going through the archives Bob can you just pull out anything you
> think is relevant, however obscure and then we can make something of it all.

I will set up a web.html file and put everything there. Tomorrow is not a good
day for me, but I will get a good start on the weekend.