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Re: Website and Mission Statement

Malonowa wrote:

> There is already a glossary back end on cran. Thanks to Pete and
Roger. It's
> living in my home directory over there until I get a glitzy front end
put on
> to it.
> Someone mentioned a while back that they have foreign language
students who
> could give some help with this glossary. Can't remember who, it's in
> archives somewhere.

It's at http://www.seul.org/archives/seul/edu/Jul-1999/msg00074.html.
Also I've got a start on collecting the archived material on the website
redesign. It goes back almost a year. The collected material is at
http://cran.mit.edu/~hopcroft/web.html. The biggest problem that I see
with a web site redesign is finding someone to put the new material into
the CVS tree. Wil is the only one that I know of and he is only dealing
with a limited set of pages. I could put a post on seul-pub to see if
there is anyone there who might be interested.