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OT: Just a snip from an interview with Eric Raymond

Just a snip from an interview with Eric Raymond....If you think it is
worthwhile to support LINUX (he, he, ha, ha) you may find it worth

The Full Interview is here... (Today at least)

***   ZDNN: But Linux is a different animal to the high-end commercial
Unixes which have taken years to write or
rewrite for multiprocessing, or clustering ...

Well, our best case is the reliability case. Our best case is that Linux
systems crash so seldom, that the only time they go down
is when you change the hardware. That's not a strange thing in our world
-- and that's the core of our case. If you want that
kind of reliability we can supply it, and what's more, there ain't no
per-seat license fee!

But educational institutions love Linux -- it's cheap... So what this
means, ... is that we're seeing an increasing flood of
Linux-aware graduates coming out of college and each one of them is
better at his job than any [Microsoft Certified
Professional] can ever be -- because he's gone down inside and seen how
[the OS] can work.

Over time this argues for a larger and larger population of Linux aware
programmers and system administrators, and
technologists -- and each one is better at his job.