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HTML authoring tools (was: Logo)

> >Even Javascript can do quite a bit.  Being able to put canned 
> >Javascript into a page would extend things quite a bit. 
> >Something in the way of CGI is another possibility, though more
> >complicated.  Perhaps Zope (or something like it) could be
> >used for some canned CGI abilities...?
> Once you touch CGI then anyone who wants to look at the work 
>needs an http server. So you couldn't just take the work home
>and look at it from your hard disk or whatever.

Anyone who wants to look at the source to the work has to look at 
the server, but the product is still public.

However, CGI is a mechanism, the actual authoring could still work 
from the web.  A CGI script is simply a way to have interaction 
between client and server, which is good for dumb client programs 
(which, barring Javascript and Java, is what most browsers are).  
Something like Zope might just be able to manage making a class 
of CGI actions into something simple and easy to work with.

If they are web-accessible and -editable then you can work on 
them from home too, or cooperatively, or whatever.

Ian Bicking <bickiia@earlham.edu>