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Linux EDU Tutorial

I wrote a Literacy tutorial last year for Windows because I didn't have the money for textbooks.  It included:  everything from creating folders, how to create files, how to use a word processor, how to find files you can't see, etc.  I was thinking this would perhaps be a good place to start for the Seul project. 

I could use Abiword as the word processor, gnumeric as the spread sheet and use gnome as the filemanager.  

I will probably also do one for JCC (I will need help with the config of makemake for different language -- any volunteers?) -- because I want to get my programming teacher on board too -- might as well help him.  I suppose I should include using netscape too.  

Does anyone have experience with THX -- the graphing calculator?  I tried this and couldn't figure it out quickly, but it would be helpful for the math people.  (As time permits maybe I will include the arrow (& setup), gnome calendar, GnomeCard).  Please tell me if I am overlooking any major applications.  

I was thinking of doing this in HTML.  Mostly pictures (GIFS) and a little bit of explanitory text.  If someone wants I can send them my previous tutorial and they can give me feedback (however, at the moment I only have it in MSWord and RTF format).

Once this project is done -- I will probably teach a literacy class using linux/gnome in January/February to test the material for clarity and accuracy.  Comments and suggestions about if this is the best place to start and how it should be done will be appreciated.