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Re: Linux EDU Tutorial

Bill Tihen wrote:

> I wrote a Literacy tutorial last year for Windows because I didn't have the money for textbooks.  It included:  everything from creating folders, how to create files, how to use a word processor, how to find files you can't see, etc.  I was thinking this would perhaps be a good place to start for the Seul project.
> I could use Abiword as the word processor, gnumeric as the spread sheet and use gnome as the filemanager.

More than 50% of Linux users in Europe use KDE and not GNOME. Just thought I'd mention that.

> Once this project is done -- I will probably teach a literacy class using linux/gnome in January/February to test the material for clarity and accuracy.  Comments and suggestions about if this is the best place to start and how it should be done will be appreciated.

Have you seen Sherlock at www.topologika.co.uk ?  This is a windows program but it could become a linux one too. If only people were interested....