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Re: Language tutorials (was: Logo)

On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Ian Bicking wrote:

> As far as tutorials I think it would be nice to have something more 
> nonlinear.  The main tutorial goes through the ideas as though 
> there are no problems, no interesting side-thoughts.  Then you link 
> to help for all the problems, where to go to learn more about a 
> particular aspect, etc.  That way the tutorial doesn't become 
> unwieldy, but everything remains covered.

My friend and I were working on something (well, I was working on
something) along those lines, for some of the GNOME stuff.  I'd like to
think that the tutorials I wrote, unpolished as they are, follow that form
to some extent.  And definitely the whole series of them has to, otherwise
it's just impossible to convey all the details.

The tutorials I have so far (done a couple months ago) cover creating
simple applications with Glade and libglade, as well as some of the fun
details of packaging up stuff.  Since Glade creates reasonably sane
autoconf stuff, I don't cover that there very much, having planned on my
friend filling in with a tutorial where he converts his 'hellogtk' app as
defined by yet a previous (unwritten) tutorial to use autoconf the manual

You can find them at http://www.cse.ogi.edu/~omega/gnome/gnometut/, and
you can bug my friend about getting his done at dath@sequent.com. ;-)  And
really, I mean it, if you want them written, go ahead and bug him about
it.  As you see from the message headers, he's been warned <g>

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