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Re: Linux Lab & Server

On Fri, 13 Aug 1999 23:08:06 -0700, Ray Olszewski <ray@comarre.com> wrote:
> host.  If you are running X on the clients, there is a minimal set
> of stuff that has to be local -- look at one of the 
> Linux/XTerminal sites for the details (let me know if you need 
> the URLs).
> (Debian) systems, for example, rpc.mountd and rpc.nfsd are in 
> /usr/sbin -- kind of hard to do NFS mounts of /usr with this setup. > Similarly, inetd is in /usr/sbin ... you get the idea.

The thinner the clients the better in the long run, but perhaps, since I really only have about 2 weeks to do this project (and I have never configured nfs or nis before -- I hope it's simple.  

I will start with X being run local (unless the URLS you have -- pleases send them to me -- make this look easy) and I guess I should keep /usr/bin local (but I will check my RH system to see where these files are kept).  I will just have /usr/local being mounted via nfs.