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Re: Linux Lab & Server

At 08:23 AM 8/14/99 +0200, Bill Tihen wrote:
[my earlier message deleted]
>The thinner the clients the better in the long run, but perhaps, since I
really only have about 2 weeks to do this project (and I have never
configured nfs or nis before -- I hope it's simple.  
>I will start with X being run local (unless the URLS you have -- pleases
send them to me -- make this look easy) and I guess I should keep /usr/bin
local (but I will check my RH system to see where these files are kept).  I
will just have /usr/local being mounted via nfs.

Three URLs of interest:

                (the creator of this one is on the list - he may be
                able to help you more directly)

                (this one was also written up in _Linux Journal_,
                if memory serves - derived from RH 5.2)

                (used by the first example above; provides a script that
                works with a RH 5.2 CD)
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