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Re: Logo

I've been playing with logo again and the more I play with it and read info out there
about it the more I remember that this is a real programming language and that the
turtle is just a graphics library.

Maybe the turtle should just remain as a graphics library that outputs to a canvas or
pixmap. This could be extended to deal with images etc. Maybe even have multiple
turtles on a canvas with very basic interface abilities such as mouse tracking. Then I
could use that to produce animated edsoft. Cool.

The widget set etc. I think should be done just as logo without a turtle metaphor.
Then we won't pervert the language and add lots of silly concepts as people have done
in the past. It'd make the job a lot easier as well.

I don't want to lose the terminal aspect either. I think that's useful for cgi stuff
and command line utilities. Maybe that'd require an X interpreter and a shell
interpreter as in TCL (tclsh and wish).

So that's the way I'd like to go with this.