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GEO--Disclaimer Draft #3

I've got some feedback on the following disclaimer, but not much.....so I
figured I post to the seul lists and see if anyone has any suggestions,
comments, etc....

Hope to hear from you,

Michael Viron
Project Administrator & Coordinator
General Education Online

>Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 11:14:30 -0500
>To: geo-list@wsdo.sao.uwf.edu
>From: Michael Viron <mviron@wsdo.sao.uwf.edu>
>Subject: Disclaimer Draft #2
>Sender: owner-geo@wsdo.sao.uwf.edu
>----------Begin Draft #2-----------
>General Education Online (GEO) is a web based project supported by the
>efforts of web developers who have volunteered their time.
>GEO provides a free listing of approximately 6400 educational sites located
>around the world.  The purpose of this listing is to provide students with
>links to web sites of educational facilities worldwide.
>GEO is not affiliated with, or supported in anyway by, the Public Affairs &
>Marketing Department or the Office of Admissions at the University of West
>Florida, Pensacola, Florida.  GEO is provided as a project under the
>auspices of Web Spinners, an independent operating division of University
>Commons & Student Activities at the University of West Florida, Pensacola,
>GEO contains links to other websites.  Though effort is made to provide
>viable links to educational facilities, GEO does not guarantee all links to
>other web sites are currently active.  GEO is not responsible for any
>content of any other web site.  
>GEO does not accept, process or forward any admissions requests or requests
>for information concerning any school.  Informational or admissions
>requests concerning particular schools sent to GEO will not receive any
>acknowledgement or reply.  Please direct your requests to the contact
>information provided on the school's website.
>If you have questions concerning geo, or wish to send an e-mail containing
>links that are not already contained on GEO, please e-mail
>geo@wsdo.sao.uwf.edu .
>------------End Draft #2-----------
>so what do you think?  (Thanks goes to Nikki Cook for helping out by doing
>some major revisions to the initial draft.)
>Michael Viron
>Project Coordinator & Administrator
>General Education Online