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Re: Become famous - post to Freshmeat!

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> There are a lot of applications in both geda-dev and seul-edu that
> really ought to get announced to the world, but nobody has bothered.
> Sure, they have a couple of users, but they could actually *go*
> somewhere if they were made public.
> Examples that come to mind at first glance:
> seul-edu: eduml, roster, others?
> If you're interested in helping out with the coordination of this
> publicity, please drop me a line and also subscribe to the seul-pub list
> (mail majordomo@seul.org with body 'subscribe seul-pub').
OK, now I'm _really_ back.  I just came up for air after a four-day (and
only partially successful) move of our university's DNS and DHCP servers
from the standard BIND and DHCP servers off the 'net to proprietary
software from Lucent Technologies.  To add insult to injury, we had to
move from Solaris and Linux servers to NT and Solaris servers.  It
wasn't my call, but it was made clear that I had _no_ chance to even go
to an all Solaris system--NT was locked in stone.  Well, we'll just have
to see if it stays functional and stable.

Anyway, I've looked at the seul-edu associated projects and here are my
nominations for Roger's enhanced visibility status:

Clickable Cell Biology Course--it's not specifically Linux, but I think
Mark could use the exposure and the help he might get.

Dr Geo--it looks to me as though Hilaire already has this covered, but
he's asked for help in this regard.

EduML--again, not specifically Linux, but worthy of more recognition. 
Bruno, where do you stand on this?

Educational HOWTOs--I suspect it's a bit premature to put these into the
enhanced visibility Roger proposes, but that's Bill's call.

Gbook and GnomeGradeBook--Justin and Bradley, what do you think about
this idea?  Are you ready for this or is it still too early in your
development to do it?

K12Admin--Steve seems to already be doing this.  Steve, maybe you could
check with Roger to see if he has any outlets in mind that you're not
currently sending announcements to, or if you have any outlets that
Roger missed.

LENPP--Bill, I think this is ripe for increased visibility.

Open Book Project--Jeffrey, where are you on this, and is it time to
make it more public?  I've noticed that there's at least one other group
calling itself "open book"; it may be time to stake some mindshare for
yourself.  It probably wouldn't hurt to get a few other efforts going
towards developing such texts, either.

Roster--Jim, I think you're in essentially the same position as Steve
above (K12Admin).  Sound about right?

Translations--Barret or Daniel, is this something we would try to
publicize in order to get some more effort on?  It's your call.

gperiodic--Kyle, you seem to be in the same group as Jim, Steve, and
Hilaire.  What's your take on this?

QVocab--Joe, do you see QVocab as ready for this enhanced visibility?

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