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Re: Become famous - post to Freshmeat!

   I need some volunteers from geda-dev and seul-edu. If you've been
   lurking on the list and want to help out but can't code, this is
   your chance.

   There are a lot of applications in both geda-dev and seul-edu that
   really ought to get announced to the world, but nobody has
   bothered.  Sure, they have a couple of users, but they could
   actually *go* somewhere if they were made public. Also, there are a
   number of applications that have been announced for their first
   release, but new releases are coming out without publicity.

It's a good idea Roger. Often developers are not very good in
communication but this is so important if we want to attract more
users/developers. Actually, for each new release of Dr Geo I post to
Freshmeat but I will be very happy if a volonter will take the job.

   Necessary skills include: 
   * You need to be able to work the freshmeat cgi. Not too hard.

There is also an html interface to make annoucment. But I remember I
got chronic problem with netscape and I finaly use lynx to make the

Another place for annoucment is the newsgroup comp.os.linux.announce

Hilaire Fernandes Dr Geo project http://www.drgeo.seul.org