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Re: DRAFT: End-User Application Comparisons

On Thu, 26 Aug 1999, Roger Dingledine wrote:

>> I read somewhere (one of LinuxToday  featured  articles?)  this
>> even could be visualised (by boxes with in/outgoing arrow, like
>> in IDEF0 diagram).
>> Old and proven CLUI apps are not to be lost in the way...
>Interesting idea. If you run across the article again, please send me
>a pointer.

I found it:


-- a mustread for SEULers.

>> - games
>Everybody I've shown the list to points this out. But look at
>www.linuxgames.com. I think they've got this topic covered, better than we
>could. Hm..should I put a comment somewhere saying "games isn't on this
>list, we know"?

For the sake of completeness...

>> - instant messaging
>Good point. This is probably something that "end users" do a lot of.
>Pete suggested irc clients, but I wanted to avoid starting an irc client
>war among the hack3r d00dz. (I also am unconvinced that irc is an end-user
>activity. :)

It is.

>> - knowledge base/expert system tools
>Is this really a typical use for a computer? Feels like if I put this
>in, I've got to put in "graphing tools" and other special-case activities.

What about all that 'wizards' which get in the way of
the user ;-)

Why not, anyway?

>As for a web interface, that would require work. :) I could easily
>accept submissions by email, though...
>> Unfortunately, I have not seen much  'real  work'  (except  for
>> word processing) to help with most of categories. Also my tastes
>> differ very much from that of 'normal people'...
>That's the case for a lot of us. That's why I'm thinking I should open
>this up to a wider audience.

Yes, certainly.

>Something I was hoping to get from this mail, though, is a couple more
>volunteers to be coordinators, consultants, project motivators. Send
>me mail and volunteer. :)
>Also, I'd be interested in hearing suggestions on how I could make the
>announcement more.....motivating. It seems kind of dry and unexciting
>now, doesn't it?

No. It looks good. Though I think some examples and forms  must
be there to easy the task of reviewers.

For example, mail program. It's hard to specify feature set.

For me, its very important that I can invoke my favorite editor
from  it,  have  folders,  run  in  textmode,  be   nice   with
cyrillic... But there are so  many  features,  that  it  hardly
helps end-user to choose... It doesn't matter somebody say that
Netscape's mailer is more convenient: it's not so for me.
So, the feature sets must be made before and somewhat discussed
to exclude subjectivity...

Sincerely yours, Roman Suzi
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