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Re: unix typing tutor

jeff.covey@pobox.com wrote:
> >>>>> "Doug" == Doug Loss <dloss@csrlink.net> writes:
>     Doug> I'm sending this along to the seul-edu mailing list at your
>     Doug> request.
> thanks!  but actually, my request was that
> http://linux.umbc.edu/gits/typing-tutor.html be linked from
> http://www.seul.org/edu/software.html   :)
Since it's a project rather than a working program, I'd prefer to list
it under either our projects page or our links page.  Do you have a
preference?  It would be nice if you'd join the seul-edu mailing list
(if you're not already on it); we can always use more people for
discussion and ideas.  Being listed on our projects page will mean that
I'd be asking for periodic updates on the status of the project, and
that we would (with your permission) try to keep the wider Linux
community appraised of your progress.

Folks, this sounds to me like a useful project to pursue.  I agree with
Jeff that this is an area that needs some action.  If any of you have an
interest in typing tutor programs pleas contact Jeff directly and help
him out.  This is just the kind of thing that can help Linux become an
acceptable option in schools and homes.

Jeff, I think that (given the world-wide nature of our community) it
would be a good idea to build support for as many of the national
keyboards as possible into the program, as well as i18n from the start. 
I'd guess that this would be best done with a general "engine" for the
program with various modules for the keyboards and the lesson files. 
Such a design might even be generalizable to something like a piano
keyboard tutor (or other non-typewriter-derived input devices).

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