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[seul-edu] Red Hat Center

Let me clear something up for everyone on the list.  I am writing from
Red Hat Center not Red Hat Inc.  We are not related in any way - other
than the name, and the fact that the founders of Red Hat endowed us as a

non-profit foundation to support the advancement of open source (we call

it transparency - since it goes beyond technology in terms of our
mission.  Please see below for excerpt from interview with Bob Young on
definition of transparency.)

Red Hat Inc. does not fund us, and we try very hard not to show
favoritism to any projects that use Linux or Red Hat Linux.  We just
want to help people "spread the gospel" of open source if you will, and
push the application of its collaborative development model to projects
including software for non-profits and schools, and to projects that are

beyond software.

Anyway, hope folks will still be interested.  We have a basic web site
<www.rhcenter.org> with grant guidelines and we're interested in knowing

and supporting other projects out there.

"The open source model is part of a three-tiered concept.  Open source
a term used within the context of software and software development.
When we take the open source idea beyond software and apply it to the
larger world of technology, we have what we call "transparent
technology".  Transparent technology is technology that is freely
accessible and comprehensible to the public.  But let's extrapolate even

further.  When this idea is taken to its broadest level, we have
"transparency".  Transparency is the big umbrella, if you will, that
encompasses everything else.  Transparency goes beyond both software and


In writing the mission for the Red Hat Center, we decided that we really

needed to create a few new terms in order to communicate the open source

values on a bigger, broader level.  We kept coming back to the idea of
transparency.  It's sort of a risky thing to do, coining a new term.  It

may or may not catch on.  But we felt that these new terms best capture
the goals of the Center."

                                                           -Bob Young,
Chairman of the Board, Red Hat Center
                                                            Excerpt from

an Interview to be posted soon on www.rhcenter.org

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title:Director of Public Relations
fn:Jennifer Horney