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[seul-edu] Now I need advice on my music lab

Thanks all for the linux music software information!!  That was great!!  I am
still looking for a music theory tutorial.  I can set much of that up in web
pages using small midi files and forms, and there was a rhythm tutorial type
program . . .  but a good theory program would sure be easier.

OK . . . so this is what I need now . . . more advice!!

I currently have three linux servers.  For the past three years I have been
teaching computer apps in a Mac lab, so I have primarily used them 

#1 for student accounts using Netatalk,  
#2 as Intranet web servers using Apache  . . . and . .. 
#3 for interclassroom mail. . .students telnet to server and use Pine

This year I took the choir director job at the same school.  Of course there is
no money in the music budget for computers, but in anticipation of this, I have
been collecting discarded computers for some time.  I have about 10 386 and 486
computers.  The tech director gave me a bunch of old network cards, sound
cards, a few CDROM drives, some hard drives . . . I have permission to scrounge
for memory  in some other scrapped computers.  The TD has also promised me some
200 mghz Pentiums that will be replaced this fall.

My plan was to use these old machines as dumb terminals that run linux from a
server.  I have the old crappy stuff right now, and would like to set it up for
student use right away.  Even if I am only doing text applications and maybe
just doing mail with the kids, I want them working on computers in the
classroom right away.  I am pretty sure the tech director fellow will give me
computers that are being replaced if I can show I am doing something with what
I've got.  Ultimately, I would like my student work stations to run Netscape
and Jazz++ and some of the Linux programs you have all suggested.  I really
want my student stations to be Linux clients . . . no Windoze.  


Can I install some simple Linux from a floppy and set these stations to connect
to my servers?  I want to get my old icky computers operational, and then
upgrade as the old pentiums become available.

I do not have a technical background at all.  I started out as a music teacher
in '79.  By '85, I had purchased my first  computer/MIDI system with 2
synthesizers, sequencer and transposition software.  I can build a computer
from parts, make all manner of web pages, but know minimal programming.  I got
involved in Linux because it was FREE.  It has enabled me to do very cool
things with kids these past 3 years.  When you give adivice . .. be gentle!! 
But please help me get this going!!

OK. . . that's it.  You guys are the best.