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[seul-edu] Re: catalog of Free software

I agree, I'm still looking for paper documentation to spread 
overwhere, but computer people often forget that many are still 
reluctant to use computers. I stamped once 
http://christophe.vinchon.free.fr (in french!) for primary schools, 
it had quite success.


At 20:02 -0400 4/08/00, Jason Mellen wrote:
>I was more talking about a printed catalog that can be sent to teachers. It
>is one thing to research in a web database but many are more likely to read
>it if it is in a physical book they can flip through. Once the database gets
>established it would be a good source for such a book however.
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>  > Subject: [seul-edu] Re: catalog of Free software
>  > >Jason Mellen wrote:
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>>  >>  Wouldn't it be great if we could assemble a decent
>>  catalog of Free software
>>  >>  with all the deails like that. Thoughts?
>>  >>
>  > >  > Jmellen
>  >
>>  Isn't it that what is beginning being done with the Freeduc project
>  > of OFSET:  http://www.ofset.org/freeduc ?
>  >
>  Raphael