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[seul-edu] NFS setup and portmap

Hello all,

I come to the well once again.  I've gotten done with most of my
Win95/98 client re-installs and cleanups in prep for school to start in
three weeks (!!!!!).  I turned today to getting my servers cleaned up
and reconfigured with new Samba and such (also finally setting up the CD
server!).  I figured it would be very good to get NFS working on these
linux boxes as I never had and I have programs scattered on all of them
(namely my laptop) that I would like to get back and forth to each
machine.  So off to the HOW-TO, and I can't get past the "First Step" in
setting up an NFS server.

I know there is so much I need to still learn, and obviously the RPC
stuff is just something more to add to the list.  When I try to start
port mapper (on any machine), I get "cannot bind udp: Address already in
use".  I tried to search for about an hour for similar errors in
newsgroups and linux help sites, but have found little help.  Can anyone
point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot,
Ryan Booz
Tech Coordinator
Belleville Mennonite School