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[seul-edu] Additions to K12Admin

The talk of a homework database here recently got me interested in
developing some additions to K12Admin.  I've added three databases:

1.  My Reading List

Students can track books that they have read.  They enter Title, Author,
Illustrator, Rating (currently a happy face, sad face, but will have a
four star system for older kids) a short review of the book, and
optionally a picture of the book, or some original artwork inspired by the
book.  Teachers can get a list of their students and how many books each
has read, and can also get a listing of the specific books a student has
read.  I'm using ImageMagick to convert the picture that gets uploaded
so the format doesn't really matter.  It can be Macintosh PICT, bmp, jpg,
gif, even a PDF document.

I'm hoping to add this picture functionality to a story book web
application that I have as well where students can type in their original
stories and have them appear on a web page immediately (within the
district at first, publicly viewable after approval by a teacher).

2.  Homework

Teachers can enter homework assignments which students can review.
Teachers can also enter either numerical or anecdotal marks for each
student and each assignment.  There is a rudimentary gradebook as well
that calculates averages for each assignment and each student.

3.  Student Behaviour

Allows staff and administrators to track behaviour incidents (good or bad)
for students.

None of this has made it into the public distribution of K12Admin yet, I
still have a fair bit of polishing to do on all three, but if you are
interested in any of this, you can see it in action at the demo site:


log in as demoteacher/demopass

Steve Tonnesen.