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RE: [seul-edu] Helping OUt

Given that this is an international list (I assume that other non-Americans 
subscribe), is there any possibility that person-to- person emails such as 
this ARE person to person, and thereby reduce some of the "non-essential' 
emails that those of us in far-off lands are getting, especially of late.

If Emilio does want a reply from Bill about Tuesday's arrangements it 
doesn't really have to come to the depths of the South Pacific on the way 
does it?


Douglas Harre
Christchurch Manager		           ph   (03) 374-6826
EdCom Network                                    fax  (03) 374-6829
PO Box 4446                                        cell   (025) 349-626
Christchurch 1
New Zealand

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How do I get in touch with you to help out , probably Tuesday