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Re: [seul-edu] Advocacy: More to support Linux acceptance in schools...

> The only thing that caught my eye was this snip....
> "Twenty-six percent (26%) of federal installations have reported use of
> the Linux
> operating system in their organization, as reported by IDC.  IDC also
> estimates
> that "most of the government's sophisticated, back-office computers will
> be running
> Linux by 2002.""

I was pointed to an article this week that said just the opposite of this
statement. (http://abcnews.go.com/sections/tech/FredMoody/moody.html)  The
article says that Linux is not approved by the government, and therefore
not used, for security reasons, making it a major set back for the
community.  I found it hard to believe that there were no Linux computers
in the Gov.  Now I realize that Moody is basically anti-Linux, but I was
wondering if anyone know who's telling the truth - because I agree with Ray
that this could be another argument to add to the list.

Just curious....

Ryan Booz
Tech Coordinator
Belleville Mennonite School