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Re: [seul-edu] Setting up Xterms

These are the usual places to check. I haven't actually consulted any of
them in ages, though, so apologies if they are out of date.


Also ... not quite on target but possibly of interest ...


... and a related commercial site


Finally, when I actually did tests of this, I just installed Monkey Linux,
which includes X with the fvwm95 window manager, and used it this way.
Download Monkey Linux from


At 06:48 PM 8/21/00 -0500, Dave Prentice wrote:
>Can somebody give me a URL that will give me step-by-step instructions on
>setting up Xterms? I have a few old Pentiums working in my classroom with
>RedHat 6.2, and would like to connect one or two 486's to each to be able to
>use Xwindows.

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