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[seul-edu] Cafeteria Software?

Hey gang,

This may be a little obscure right now, but I thought I'd ask.  Many of
you have probably figured out (if I haven't said) that I work for a
small private school of about 340 students, VERY rural PA.  Although
I've been getting many things set up this summer and all my Linux boxes
are working very well, a new question was proposed to me this week.

We've been looking to get some software for doing the cafeteria stuff.
And there's plenty of it out there (for Windows or Mac).  However, it
obviously costs a bundle.  The cheapest we can get someone is $3000 for
the software, but that's because the also HAVE to come and do the
training for two-three days.  The software (if there are
building/district computer people out there, you probably know more than
I about this) will track each student, what they owe, what the costs
are, blah, blah, blah.  Point of sale stuff - in other words - a
glorified database.

So, my question is, anything like this out there in open source?  I'm
guessing not for this particular situation, but anything that could be
adapted easily?  Man, talk about selling a school on open source... if
my principle saw we could do this with open source, he wouldn't know
what to do with himself!!  Any other suggestions from people that have
experience with this type of software?

Thanks a bunch!

Ryan Booz
Tech Coordinator
Belleville Mennonite School